Search Warrants and Raids

HMRC Investigation and HMRC Prosecution

HMRC investigators usually arrive with search warrants between 6am and 7am to search, seize and retain business documents, computers and property required for their investigation. Any raid by HMRC investigators and police is an intimidating process and it is important that you obtain immediate legal advice to protect your reputation and property.

The emergency contact number provides immediate contact to MJP solicitors who can provide advice over the phone and in person (North West of England and North Wales in person).

Search warrants have to be lawfully obtained and the warrant will contain:-

  • The reason for application for the search warrant the computer and business records and personal records which are being sought.

Depending on the circumstances, different levels of authority are required to obtain a search warrant through the courts.

Dawn Raid - Emergency solicitors - 24 hours a day

The first line of defence for you is that our solicitors and lawyers at MJP solicitors are available 24 hours a day providing immediate and first class legal advice which usually leads to an interview under caution on the same day as the raid.


HMRC investigations and HMRC Prosecutions lead to HMRC officers arresting private individuals or business people.

When a person is arrested they have to be conveyed to a police station and they have certain rights while they are present at the police station including:-

  • Contacting a relative to inform them of presence.
  • Being provided with appropriate legal advice.
  • Being reviewed every six hours whilst in custody at the police station.
  • Having an extension for period of detention reviewed by senior officer and solicitor for the arrested person.

The process is highly regulated and the custody sergeant at the police station is the person in charge of your welfare if you are arrested.

Arrested means?

When arrested, a person can be detained at a police station (against their will) for a maximum period of 24 hours subject to certain extensions and approvals usually. HMRC officers will wish to question the detained person under caution about allegations outlined in the search warrant and materials that they have seized in the search.

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